Life Insurance & Other Insurance Quotes Although we focus mostly on funeral cover, we do provide quotes for various insurance requirements. Funeral insurance is just the tip of the iceberg. If you already have funeral insurance, it might be time to get insurance for all your other needs. At PrimeSure, we can assist you with Read More

What is the Importance of Funeral Cover? Why do I Need Funeral Cover? Sometimes we forget how important funeral cover is. We all want our loved ones to be fully taken care of during a time of need. If you pass away, the very last thing you want your loving family to do is try Read More

Should I Get the Cheapest Funeral Cover? Affordable vs Expensive Funeral Cover We often see new and unknown funeral plans that are relevantly cheap. It’s important to understand that it’s not always the better option. When getting a funeral cover quote, you must understand that you get different options. Some funeral plans offer cash only, Read More

Funeral Cover Waiting Periods Explained We often see terms in the policy wording that we don’t clearly understand. A big misconception is the funeral cover waiting period. This funeral cover waiting period is an industry standard. The idea behind the waiting period is not to cheat the consumer. It’s simply in place to protect the Read More

How to Change an Existing Funeral Policy At Funeral Cover ME, we don’t have access to the provider’s databases. This means that we can’t change basic details like ID numbers and banking details. We are aimed at issuing new funeral policies and funeral policy quotes to the general public. The contact details below are used Read More

AVBOB Funeral Plan AVBOB Funeral Plan Explained With the AVBOB funeral plan, you know you are in good hands. AVBOB was established in the early 1921. This should be proof that they have all the required experience in the industry. With the AVBOB funeral plan, you will receive all the services required to arrange a Read More

Funeral Parlour Products & Services in SA Funeral Cover Me recently teamed up with a well-established financial institution. We now offer our clients a new, innovative product. We always strive to bring the funeral cover industry in South-Africa an easy and affordable way to do business. Are you interested in starting a burial society or Read More

Comprehensive Funeral Cover & The Holidays For many of us, December is a time for fun and joy. A lot of South-African’s will go on holiday with their families. Unfortunately, this is not a time of sun filled activities for everybody. Not having comprehensive funeral cover during this time can have catastrophic results. According to Read More

Tips to Compare Funeral Cover A very important factor to consider when you compare funeral cover is your own needs. Most funeral plans will cover the basics. You need to establish what the required covered amount is. Armed with this information, it will be much easier to make an informed decision. We always advise our Read More

Basic Funeral Plan Provider Breakdown In this section, we would like to take a minute to breakdown funeral plan providers. We would also like to explain some of the terms used in the industry. Let’s start with three different terms used in the industry: 1. Funeral Plan/Cover The wording funeral plan is often referred to Read More