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Everybody knows Discovery Life. This innovative company aims to provide products and services that revitalise the insurance industry. As with most Discovery Life Products, the Discovery Life Funeral Plan brings a refreshing perspective to funeral cover. You will receive innovative benefits that will improve the lives of those left behind. The Discovery Life Funeral Plan will ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you pass away.

The Discovery Life Funeral Plan offers extraordinary benefits. You can tailor make your Discovery Life Funeral Plan to suit your exact needs. You can include your spouse, children, parents and even extended family on your Discovery Life Funeral Plan. There will be no medical examinations required for you, or any person covered under your Discovery Life Funeral Plan.Discovery Funeral Cover Playfull Couple

Discovery Life offers you cover between R10 000 and R60 000. This means that the Discovery Life Funeral Plan offers the highest amount of cover our website has to offer. With this funeral plan, you will receive your cash pay-out within 48 hours. Provided Discovery Life have received all the required documents. This allows your family access to funds shortly after you pass away. The last thing you want is your family struggling financially.

The Discovery Life Funeral Plan has a number of innovative benefits, they include, the Premium Payback Benefit, the Education Benefit, the Accidental Death Benefit, and Automatic Baby Cover. You also have optional benefits including a Grocery Benefit and Memorial Benefit.

Please find below a brief description of the Discovery Life Funeral Plan benefits: listed benefits:

Premium Payback Benefit

Discovery CashBack Funeral BenefitWith this amazing benefit, you will receive your entire first years premiums back after every 5 years. This cash pay-out is made directly to you. You can use the bonus to pay for anything you deem fit. Should your spouse decide to continue the policy after a claim, a new payback cycle will start. This benefit will be applicable, provided you make all your premium payments for this term.

Automatic Baby Cover

With Discovery Life Funeral Cover, you will enjoy automatic cover if your baby dies within 3 months of being born. This benefit is applicable to any babies born to you, or your spouse. There will be no additional charge for this benefit.

Accidental Death Benefit

We all know that accidental death can happen at any time. With this benefit, you, or your marked spouse will receive double your cover amount in the event of accidental death. This includes events such as high jacking, murder or car accidents etc. So if, you are insured for the maximum amount of R60 000, in the event of accidental death, your pay-out will increase to R120 000.

Education Benefit

With the Discovery Life Funeral Plan, your family comes first. If you or your marked spouse passes away, this benefit will assist your family with education costs. This benefit will pay for 6 months after your claim. This benefit will be available for all the children, except children in your extended family column.

Memorial Benefit (Optional)

The Memorial Benefit, will pay you or your spouse a specified amount for the unveiling 1 year after your claim. This benefit will automatically include your spouse. This is an optional benefit.

Grocery Benefit (Optional)

Groceries Benefit Discovery PageWith the Discovery Funeral Plan, you have the option to select the Grocery Benefit. This benefit will assist your family financially for 6 months after your claim. This benefit will be available to you, and your spouse. This pay-out can be used to support your family in a time of need.

Should you require any further information about the Discovery Life Funeral Plan, feel free to contact us. If you complete the contact form anywhere on our website, a friendly consultant will give you a quick call to explain everything to you.


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