Funeral Parlour Products & Services

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Funeral Parlour Products & Services in SA


Funeral Cover Me recently teamed up with a well-established financial institution. We now offer our clients a new, innovative product. We always strive to bring the funeral cover industry in South-Africa an easy and affordable way to do business.

Are you interested in starting a burial society or funeral parlour? Do you currently have an existing burial society or funeral parlour? This is exactly the page you need to be.

We now offer a very competitive product for funeral parlours. If you want to start a new funeral parlour, or have an existing funeral parlour, we have a great product for you. We now offer funeral cover for funeral parlours and burial societies. The premiums are extremely low. This option is only available to funeral parlours and burial societies.

 Funeral Cover for Funeral Parlour Benefits:

  • Extremely Low Monthly Premiums.
  • Tailor-made Solutions for Every Client’s Exact Needs.
  • Claims will be Settled Within 48 Hours (If All Documents are received).
  • Multiple Claim Protection – Avoid Financial Strain.
  • Financial Freedom Workshop
  • Premium Guidance
  • Waiting Period Waiver. – Depending on the Size & Age of Your Existing Group.
  • Finance & Administration Assistance.
  • Financial Advice Available.

Start your own profitable organization today. With the above product, you will receive the guidance and assistance to start your own funeral parlour. There is a massive market in South-Africa for funeral parlours and burial societies. Unfortunately, nobody lives forever. Being able to support families in a desperate time can be very rewarding. Everybody in South-Africa must have some sort of funeral cover. It’s vitally important to take the financial strain of your family members if you pass away.

If you have an existing funeral parlour, it does not matter if you have 10 or 10 000 clients on your book. We can arrange your book to be transferred to a very competitive rate with great benefits. With this product, you can also get assistance and advice regarding your existing venture. We can help you improve or start your society.

This product does not apply to companies or normal large groups. For funeral cover for normal groups or companies, please visit the following page. Click Here

You can request a free assessment to determine your company needs. This product is aimed at churches, funeral parlours, burial societies etc.

For more information regarding the above product, feel free to contact us. Start or improve your funeral parlour today.


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