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Metropolitan Life was founded in the late 1890 in Cape Town. With more than 100 years’ experience, Metropolitan Life has become one of our nation’s leading insurance companies. Metropolitan Life is listed as a JSE top 100 company. They are the fourth largest South African life assurers in terms of market capitalisation.

You can have confidence that you are getting insured by a heavy weight provider. Metropolitan Funeral Cover offers you a straight forward, high quality funeral plan.

With Metropolitan funeral cover, you can have up to R50 000 cover. This is the second largest amount of any of the providers we represent. Metropolitan Life recently implemented a unique feature. They allow you to have different cover amounts for different parents. The insured amount may also exceed the policy holder amount. This flexibility helps set Metropolitan Life apart from other providers.

There will be no medical examinations or medical questions. Your acceptance is guaranteed. The maximum cover amount is R50 000. You also get an additional R30 000 for accidental death benefit.

With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, you will receive great cash back benefits. You can cover yourself, family, extended family and employees. With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, you get a straight forward funeral plan. It aims mostly at cash payout. Provided all documents where received, Metropolitan Life will make payments within 48 hours of any claim.


With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, You Have 5 Available Options:

  1. Member Only.
  2. Member, Spouse, Children.
  3. Parents, Parents-in-Law – (Extended Family).
  4. Member & Parents – (Parent-in-Laws).
  5. Member, Spouse, Children, Parents, Parent-in-Laws & Extended Members (Up to 9).

Why Do I Need Funeral Cover?

Funeral cover assures that your nearest and dearest will have folding money available when you pass away. It’s really important to have funds available when you die. If you have a life policy, the funds might not be available quick enough. Often your life policy will take months to settle. With Metropolitan funeral cover, you will have your money at hand quickly. No person wants to see their own family to struggle financially.

If you do not have burial insurance, your family might have to foot the bill for your funeral straight from their pockets. A decent funeral can easily demand a payment of R10 000 for just the basics.To arrange a comprehensive funeral, it can cost 10’s of thousands of Rands. With Metropolitan funeral cover, you can have the peace of mind that your next to kin will not have to struggle.

Metropolitan Funeral Cover Benefits:

In a time of need, the last thing we want to worry about is money to arrange a funeral. With the Metropolitan Funeral plan, you will receive your cash payout in a timely manner. This will certainly ensure that you can arrange the funeral without having to scrape together personal funds. With the maximum cover of R50 000, you know that you will have enough funds available when you need it most. Many people don’t realise how expensive funeral can be.

Included Policy Benefits

  • Accidental Death benefit
  • CashBack Benefit
  • Family Assistance Benefit
  • Paid-up Benefit

Optional Policy Benefits

  • Tombstone Benefit
  • Shopping Benefit
  • iNkomo Benefit
  • Inflation Management Benefit
  • Survival Benefit

Metropolitan Policy Benefits

Tombstone Benefit

The tombstone benefit can be taken as a stand-alone benefit. With this additional benefit, the recipient will receive a maximum pay-out of R15 000. This pay-out can be used to pay for the tombstone. The pay-out date can be decided when you claim. The date can be change a maximum of 3. The claim must be made within 18 months of the claim date.

iNkomo Benefit

The iNkomo benefit can be taken as a stand-alone benefit. With this additional benefit, a lump sum will be paid up to a maximum sum assured of R15 000.

Shopping Benefit

This benefit is available if the policy includes the Paid-up benefit. This is a whole life benefit. This means that cover continues after the death of the policy owner or after age 65. With this additional benefit, there will be extra cover on the life of the policy holder and the life partner. Up to a maximum sum assured of R18 000 can be taken for this benefit. Cover ceases upon the lapse of the policy, or the death of the policy owner or life partner.

Survival Benefit

The Survival Benefit cannot be taken as stand-alone. With this additional benefit, a lump sum amount will be made available when the policy owner survives until age 65. R50 000 is the maximum amount available on this benefit.

Accidental Death Cover:

This is an additional benefit complimenting your Metropolitan Funeral Cover. The amount of cover will be equal to the amount of cover you have chosen. This amount is payable, if an insured family member dies as a direct result of an accident. (Due to legislation, this only applies to member over the age of 14). This benefit will be available only to direct family members insured on the plan. Parents and extended family are excluded.

Metropolitan Funeral Cover – Paid-up benefit:

The paid up benefit means that at certain events, you will cease paying premiums. However, you will still enjoy the benefits of the cover.

This Can Happen When:

  1. Your Retirement.
  2. When The Policy Holder turns 65.
  3. Upon the Death of the Policy Holder.

This is provided that all premiums have been paid. The premiums must have been paid a minimum of 10 years to qualify. The cover will remain for everybody on the policy. With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, you can certainly rest assured. If the policy holder passes away, the family will be taken care of. They won’t have to pay the remainder of the premiums.

Cash Back Periods

We all know the importance of insurance. Sometimes it feels as we are paying premiums towards something we might never benefit from. With Metropolitan funeral insurance, you will be getting some of your hard earned savings back in your pocket. That’s right! Metropolitan offers a cashback benefit to all their loyal customers. You can use the money to buy what ever you want. It’s you money. Just another way top providers like to thank their clients.

  • First 12 Months = 2 times average premiums.
  • Thereafter Every Three Years = 6 Times Average Premiums
  • Provided all premiums must have been paid.

Why Should I choose Metropolitan Funeral Cover?

With this provider, you have access to large amounts of funeral cover. With a straight forward, no questions asked funeral plan, you can get peace of mind. You, or your family will be fully taken care of during a claim process. Metropolitan Life has more than 100 years’ experience. This should give you the full confidence that they understand the industry.

This provider has a solid client base, with many loyal followers. With this provider, you can enjoy the flexibility in terms of cover amounts. You have various options to choose from. This provider offers a great product at an affordable rate. You can cover employees under this provider.

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