Funeral Insurance Options

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Different Funeral Cover Options

Funeral Insurance Options

When applying for funeral insurance or funeral insurance quotes, it’s important to know what you are looking for. There are a couple of different options available. Most notably you will find a cash only, cash with benefits and living benefits funeral plan.

You need to establish your own needs before you apply for your funeral plan. They are all evenly beneficial; it all depends on your specific requirements. Some people prefer to have a cash only plan for personal reasons. This does not elevate the funeral insurance quality. It might simply fulfill your specific needs better. Below will be a quick explanation to clarify the differences between the above mentioned options. We provide funeral insurance quotes by South-Africa’s top insurers. We have made sure that we cover the entire basis.

Cash with Benefits Funeral Insurance

This is a great option for all ages. This option will pay out a cash benefit, as well as specified funeral arrangements. With a cash & benefit funeral plan, you will get many free funeral services. This includes, for example, the use of the mortuary and hearse. With this plan, you will not have to pay for the use of tents, chairs, local telephone calls, artificial wreath etc. This will be free of charge. You can then use your cash pay-out to pay for optional services like catering, fresh flowers, tombstone and coffin. Whatever money remains can be used for anything you desire. The remaining cash will be handed to the beneficiary of the policy holder. So in short, you will still get a cash pay-out, but you will also get everything done in house. This option can be great if you don’t have experience in arranging funerals. With this option, your funeral can be arranged directly from your funeral insurance provider. If you need a cash & benefit option, we suggest looking at AVBOB. With AVBOB funeral cover, you will get a great cash & funeral services option.

Cash Only Funeral Insurance

With the cash only option, the beneficiary will have full control of the money. With cash only funeral plan, the beneficiary can use the released funds for anything they seem fit. The funeral can be arranged from different branches of different services providers. For example, you can print your pamphlets at any printing company you wish. This means that you can shop around for the best funeral services quotes. With a cash only option, your funeral insurance provider will release the funds directly to the beneficiary. It will be the beneficiary’s responsibility to use the funds wisely. Whatever remains from the cash pay-out can be used for anything the family requires. If you need a cash only funeral plan, we suggest looking at Metropolitan. With Metropolitan funeral cover, you will get a great cash only funeral plan.

Living Benefits Funeral Insurance

Because young people often feel that funeral insurance is a waste of money, some providers offer you “living benefits”. This means that you don’t have to die to make use of your funeral policy. With a living benefit funeral plan, you will get benefits like reduced airtime, discounts and other great services. This means that, as a younger person, you can enjoy the benefits of funeral cover, as well as get great discounts to enjoy today. If you make use of all the discounts and services offered by this plan, you can save more money than what you are paying for your funeral insurance. This plan will pay you a cash benefit. This will work the same as the cash only plan. The only difference is you will get benefits you can use while you are alive. If you need a plan with living benefits, we suggest KGA Life. With the KGA Lifestyle Funeral Plan, you will get great living benefits with a cash pay-out.

Finding the right funeral insurance for your needs does not have to be difficult. Determine what services will work the best for your needs. All three the options mentioned are amazing and will offer you great peace of mind. At the end of the day, the foremost important element is to have money available to arrange a funeral. Remember you must buy a tombstone and coffin. All the options will give you this security. Funeral cover providers often lure customers with great benefits over and above the cash pay-out. As long as you have money available for your funeral services you have done a great job.

If you are unsure about any of the different options mentioned, feel free to ask one of our friendly consultants.