Funeral Cover for Parents

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Funeral Cover for Parents

Some people are under the impression that you can’t get funeral cover for the elderly. This is a myth that should be busted immediately. There are many different funeral cover providers and funeral policies available for older people. Funeral cover for parents are available all over the industry.

Some providers will not have an age limit. They will, however, limit the maximum cover amount. On the pensioner option, there are usually only options under R10 000. Due to the fact that there are no medical examinations required, there will be a standard 6 month waiting period. This waiting period will be purely to prevent people from taking policies at the last minute. This waiting period will only be for natural causes.

Depending on the age of the person, sometimes they will still qualify for a standard funeral policy. If they do not qualify, sometimes it will be possible to add them to a policy in a younger person’s name. This will usually be a child, or even grandchild. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that there are options available regarding of the age of your parents.

Speaking to your parents about funeral cover can be an intimidating task. Unfortunately, we will all die sooner or later. Getting involved with your parents regarding this matter is very important. If you feel that you simply can’t discuss funeral cover with your parents, it might be easier if you add your parents to your new or existing policy. This way you don’t even need to tell them about it. We always suggest rather speaking to them about it. They might have funeral cover in place. Death is something nobody can avoid. Speaking about it to your parents should not be nerve wrecking. They will most probably understand your motives. It’s a financial literate decision that will relieve a lot of pressure in a time of need.

Funeral cover for parents is the responsible thing to do. Not having funeral cover for your parents on the day they die can cost your family a lot of money. Being prepared for the event is the best way to avoid having to scrape together funds to assist with a deserving burial.

Most of the providers we represent off affordable funeral cover for parents. Click below to apply for your free no obligation quote.


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